Snowboarder observes "Manlike Footprints"

at Rib Mountain Ski Resort Wausau, WI

Observed: On Thursday March 27 2008 me and my friends where skiing at Rib mountain skiing resort Granite Peak in Wausau Wisconsin. The snow was really good very hard, the day before it was so warm and snow melted a little, got colder through the night and it froze up, so we where able to go really deep into the woods on the far  southern side of the ski trails, unlike the day before we where unable go into powder at all, because it was wet and sticky so we thought we can explore a little more today and decided to do couple runs off ski rails,  with each run  we got braver and where able to go deeper and deeper of the trail into unknown territory - forest, since the snow and the slope was perfect no one could stop us, it was perfectÖ

Very soon all you could see around was only trees and smooth snow surface where no other skier have been before, I barely even see my friends just kind of approximately know that I am further from the ski slope than everyone else. Snow is so perfect like in the dream and the sun really makes it all even better...

All the sudden I come across someoneís path, looked like someone just ran across my path, I look left and right and  I see huge foot shape dimples slightly covered with fresh snow but u can clearly tell that some just ran through here the footprint where the size of the snow shoe. I immediately jumped of my snowboard and started looking around, took closer attention to the shape of it and it didnít look like snow shoe at all, when I dusted of fresh inch of light snow I could see on some of them the imprints of narrower heel and big tow really clearly, shivers came across my body and my heart started pounding.  I was convinced that it was probably was 10ft tall human walking or 8ft man running here because the footprints at some spots where like 5 ft apart from toe to heel , on the turns it was more like 2 or3 ft the pattern was clear two legged creature a lot similar like man just twice as bigger...

 I yelled for my friends to come here since all of us reached end of the slope and  got stuck in deep snow, I could still see Bryan so told him that he should come and see what I found,  so he took of his skis walked up the snow was deep like 2ft easy over  my knees and we would sink in easy. It was tough to walk in that deep snow so I stepped on a footprint and all I sank in to it was a couple inches whatever it was, it was heavy and packed the snow well. We started walking around following footprints, the print kind of comes towards me then goes around couple trees then crosses its own path and goes towards Mike the way that where ski slopes where. I realized that he was running around, you could see where he was accelerating after the tight corner. Did not look like someone would be just hanging around in one spot or doing something else but clearly running like chasing someone, which I couldnít understand why someone would be running and doing really tight turns around trees. We called Mike to come over here, but he couldnít, because it was far, in terms of walking through the really deep snow. We decided walk his path towards Mike, as we where walking towards mike, the footprints where fading a little but you could still clearly notice the same pattern. It wasnít too hard to tell that these are someoneís footsteps, nothing like mans, magnified and so far apart...

I immediately showed that to mike and he was stunned but really didnít wanted to believe at first that these are footprints. Some of them where a little deformed you could see somewhere like punch holes round two inch thick going all the way to the ground on the same path, and some of the footprints little deformed one of the even looked like it had the toe sticking out of the side. We started following those footprints and the farther we went the more clear it became to us that it was really someone huge running around, I noticed another really clear punch hole in the snow at a 45 degree angle inline of the direction of the walk path and Iím saying to Mike: what do you think it could be? Who could leave that kind of print? And he is like: Itís just an animal digging for food, so I dug all the way to the bottom and it was leaves nicely layered, didnít even look like someone tried to dig deeper there in the ground at all. So I assume it was hole pocked in the snow with the stick or deer or elk, would say front leg...

We decided to come back on the ski trail since we didnít know how far are we really are from the slope. We started walking back on the way back I was still able to see footprints everywhere. I started doubting if its really it is what Iím thinking I started seeing more and more footprints with those punch holes scattered in side of it but the outline shape still where about the same even with fresh snow on top of it clearly visible, guys went forward and I stayed a little longer paying more attention in each print and tried to understand the pattern where it was heading, the footprints where the same direction towards the ski hill so I kept following, I started seeing some weird trails, that didnít looked like a manmade  trail no human footprints , more like an animal trail it was pretty deep in the snow and edges where rounded, had no idea where they were heading since nothing around us but forest, suddenly I came across some fresh deer footprints, and I could still see those two ft long monster dimples in the snow once in awhile in groups here and there. As I was getting closer towards the ski hill I could see more and more deer trails and came across some deer poop, then I realized that was the place where deer like to hang around and I still was able to see some of the huge prints around that area too, didnít really get everything at first was really was shocked with what I saw and did not even realize that it was what it was, so just leftÖ

Didnít try to go investigate deeper try to follow the print or try going those weird looking trails, so I decided to go back to the ski trail since I couldnít see my friends anymore, they whre way ahead. I was kind of scared and shocked because of what I saw. Didnít really believe that it could be true, you hear about this kind of stuff on TV somewhere in Alaska, but not here in front of your nose, never thought it could be trueÖ

So I got back home finally, and started reading about this stuff on internet, and what I found really opened my eyes and put everything in place. Bigfoot was noticed around Wisconsin many times in northern Wisconsin forests, It can be 7-10ft tall, some stories say that Bigfoot footprints are found around mysterious deer killing spots. So Iím pretty sure now that he was hunting deer there, these tight turns and running around clearly indicates deer trying to escape from someone, and deer footprints in his path are those punch holes I noticed facing in direction like deer would be running from him. Maybe he was even using a stick thereís a possibility. I think he knew place where deer likes to hang out he was sneaking up on them and then tried to catch one. This was all pretty hard to believe for  myself but now when I put all the pieces together, and the more details I remembered they all just fit in that puzzle. I just didnít pay attention to them when I was there, If I would have time and had someone with me I would have done a lot more to make sure that it was a deer hunt probably would have tried to walk that path try to look for more evidence, but I cant do much now anymore. I can just tell my story. Not trying to convince anyone, just telling my story to all for you who saw it or think that he exists, I just want you to know that I do believe in it now, some of my conclusions might be wrong but  I think that something is really out there that we know so little about... man I was scared when I saw these humongous footprints, with my own eyes, my mind didn't want to believe it but it was just too obvious not to, its like nothing I have seen in my lifeÖ 

 Dalius B.

Follow Up: The witness stated that he investigated the area where the prints were found for approximately 1 and a half hours. He felt the tracks were roughly a week old when he came upon them. There was a fresh layer of 1 inch snowfall covering the tracks. After a Q and A session with the witness no other unusual observances could be noted.

A map of the area and a sketch submitted by the witness:

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