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Wisconsin Bigfoot Sasquatch Research and Investigation. Squatch Inc. pursues the mystery behind these elusive creatures.



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Squatch Inc. Sasquatch Research & Investigation

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We have had a few inquiries over the last couple months wondering if we are still actively looking for Sasquatch. The answer is yes. While our websites are not updated as often as we like, our Facebook page is. As long as this website is on the internet we will be trying to track down Sasquatch and our Submit a Report is always active.



We would like to thank everyone who has submitted reports to us over the last year.  It is those very reports that aid us in forming our theories and devising new techniques and approaches when setting out in search of answers. Again, we thank you!




Everyone at Squatch Inc. wishes you a Very Merry Christmas along with a wonderful and joyous 2011.  Lets go Squatchin' Baby!



On 5-31-2010 a motorist traveling south bound on HWY 47 about 5 miles south of Isle, MN reported seeing a subject that may have resembled a Bigfoot type creature.  Squatch Inc. is searching for more details surrounding this sighting.

CLICK HERE for more details.





Tim "The Wildman" discusses the Remer Lake, Minnesota trail cam image during an interview with the hosts at AM 1500 KSTP St. Paul. You can listen to the interview in it's entirety HERE



TC Comments on Remer Lake, MN trail cam photo at the Squatch Inc. Blog.  HERE



Carlton County, MN Bigfoot Expedition October 2009 Report Posted HERE


Carlton County, MN Expedition October 2009

 Video Documentary




You can now follow Squatch Inc. on twitter and on our blog.

Twitter @ www.twitter.com/squatchinc 

Blog @ www.squatchinc.blogspot.com



SI Team Members conclude 6 day expedition on the St. Croix River.  More details to follow as we sort through our data. 



SquatchCast Radio Presents: Doug Hajicek, the producer of the hit TV show "Monster Quest" which airs on the History Channel, will be joining us live May 26th at 8pm central time. We will ask him about some of his innovations that are being utilized in the hunt for Bigfoot as well as discussing how his production crew preps for an outing. We'll see ya there. Let's go squatchin' baby! Click on the SquatchCast Logo to go to the show page.




SquatchCast Radio airs on blogtalk Sunday the 22nd of March at 5pm. We will be interviewing Rick from MN.  Click on the SquatchCast Logo to go to the broadcast page and listen live or download pre-recorded shows.

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Squatch Inc. Sasquatch Research & Investigation

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